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Wine Workshops and Education

What would you like to learn about wine? We can structure a workshop to specifically suit your desires. We'll plan a presentation of whatever length and depth is of interest and select appropriate wines to taste. 

Just a few popular ideas to consider!

  1. How about diving into one of the wine regions increasingly popular with the top somms? Places like Ribeira Sacra, Canary Islands, Loire Valley, Beaujolais.

  2. Overview of the wines and terroir of a specific wine region. For example: Bordeaux or Santa Barbara County, CA

  3. Comparison of sub-regions within a region. For example: the Russian River Valley and the Dry Creek Valley are both in Sonoma County, California. But, their wines are very different.

  4. Comparison of a specific grape variety grown in different regions around the world.  For example: Cabernet Sauvignon around the world.

  5. Natural wine, organic wine, biodynamics, sulfer (yes or no?)  - what does it all mean? We'll break it down and provide the info to make good choices.

  6. Blind tasting - this can be structured in many different ways to make it fun and informative for novice to expert wine enthusiasts.

  7. Wine & food pairing

  8. Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, Franciacorta - All sparkling wines, all different! 

  9. Wine 101 - New to wine and want to feel more comfortable looking at a wine list or shopping the wine aisles? We'll get you started! 

  10. So Much More...

Let us know your interest! 

We'll design the perfect workshop for you!

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